Sister or Nameless Sister is the youngest of the surviving Sisters that inhabit the Void. She has no name, but the other Sisters call her Death because she was born after the Void stopped living a long time ago. She wears a plain white dress and has matching short, pale-blond hair, and light blue eyes.

She is the first Sister the player encounters, and teaches him the game's introductory lore and mechanics.

Personality Edit

Sister speaks in a whispering and melancholic tone. In her physical manifestation she stands upright and looks directly at Spirit; in her spiritual self in her Soul Obscura, however, she manifests her sorrow by keeping herself sitting down in a rolled up position, head down, hugging herself.

Chamber Edit

Sister's Greenhouse is, in her own words, "a desert on the threshold of death." Located at the very bottom of the Void, her chamber is the closest geographically to the Nightmare, which explains why her chamber is the most bleak and chaotic in appearance.

The chamber is a small island surrounded by water and darkness. There are dying trees and twisted roots. In the middle of the island is a large tree inside of which is Sister; around this tree are glass fences and other debris.

Gallery Edit