Uta is one of the elder Sisters with an aura of melancholia and weariness. She wears a long white dress with matching white hair, large grey eyes, and pale skin.

She belongs to one of the most brutal of Brothers.

Personality Edit

Uta is generally dismissive of Spirit, and speaks in a cold and sad, yet soft, tone. She will, however, briefly show the player an act of kindness.

While in her physical manifestation she pays no attention to the player, in her spiritual self in her Soul Obscura she looks directly at Spirit, sitting in a position as if she was on an invisible throne.

Chamber Edit

On one side there is Uta lying in a hammock inside a cave, completely oblivious to the player's presence. She is staring intently, almost in a state of stupor, at a moon with an eye that can be seen through a crack in the wall. Her hammock hangs above a shallow pond, and drops of Colour fall gently on her.

On the other side you exit out into a small beach cove, which is littered with wood, crates, and a small rowing boat. Above in the night-sky the moon with an eye can be seen.

Gallery Edit